Frequently asked questions:

These are some frequently asked questions.

Q.      My dog is on medication will you board him?
A.      Yes ~ we need to know the details.  Also full instructions of treatment must 
           be  written down for us to follow.

Q.      Does our dog have to have vaccinations?
A.      Yes~ All dogs must have up to date vaccinations and kennel cough cover
          and their card has to be left with us as proof.

Q.      Do we bring their own food?
A.      We feed a complete dog food to which we add minced beef or chicken.
          But if you prefer to supply your own food, with instruction, we will 
          happily carry them out.

Q.      How many times a day is my dog exercised?
A.      Between 3 & 4 times a day.

Q.      Are you a licensed kennel?
A.      Yes~ our kennel licence is displayed at our kennel, this can also be verified
                   with Bromley Council.

Q.      How do we pay?
A.      You can pay by cheque (cheque card required)  or cash either on arrival or

Note: We do not accept credit or debit card.